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2018 Power Skating Clinics


Welcome to the online registration for the following 2018 XHP Selects Programs:

Powerskating Skills Development Clinic
​Run by Ilya and Alex

Each week during our 60-minute clinic coaches will push players to the limits to improve your power, speed, and control of all aspects of their game:

The first half of the clinic we will be working on improving skating techniques - stride efficiency and edge control, turns, speed, power, agility, acceleration, endurance, and stamina with and without the puck.

In Second half of our clinic players will break into stations and cover proper stickhandling technique and moves, passing, shooting, use our famous bungee cord station, body contact/checking drills and 1 on 1 battles in game situations.

All XHP Selects registrations are non-refundable.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

3/30/2018 7:30PM - 8:30PM BSA BLUE RINK
4/6/2018 7:00PM - 8:20PM BSA BLUE RINK
4/20/2018 7:00PM - 8:20PM BSA BLUE RINK
4/27/2018 7:00PM - 8:20PM BSA BLUE RINK
5/4/2018 7:00PM - 8:20PM BSA BLUE RINK
5/11/2018 7:00PM - 8:20PM BSA BLUE RINK
5/25/2018 7:00PM - 8:20PM BSA BLUE RINK


Please direct any questions regarding the XHP Selects to:

Ilya Yavtuhovich

Ilya Yavtuhovich

Head Instructor